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Big Dreams and Big Feats for a Little Girl

She did it!! Exactly two months after creating her own lofty goal of running 5 straight miles, 5 year old Skye completed her goal!

I’d be lying if I said Skye had been driven and dedicated to running these last 8 weeks. Her attention and motivation is much like pin-ball machine- all over the place- but in true slacker style, Skye decided she was ready, and today, off-the-couched her big ol’ run! 5 straight miles in Lower Rock Creek canyon.

The sun was blazing and Skye led the way. She kept telling me, “I’ve got this Mom. I WON’T give up!” She ran effortlessly in the hot, mid-day sun and her die-hard attitude took her all the way to the finish with ease.

To see Skye’s genuine heart-felt joy from the simple act of accomplishing her own goal was, by far, the very best part. Super proud of this little one! 🙌💖

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