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A Fairytale Sunrise at the Castle in the Bay

Updated: May 27, 2020

Earlier this summer I got to live out a real life fairytale✨ A sunrise breakfast in the little castle on the perfect little island in Emerald Bay 🏰✨

Fanette Island, perfectly placed in the center of Emerald Bay, is the only island on Lake Tahoe. It holds the ruins of a small stone building also known as the “Tea House”. The moment I saw it I knew I had to go there. I began dreaming up the most satisfying scenarios of how to enjoy the island, and before I knew it Andy and I were on a mission to turn these daydreams into a reality.✨

We put our paddle boards in at Kiva Beach near Camp Richardson in South Lake Tahoe at 5:00am and in the early morning dawn we began our several mile paddle over to Emerald Bay. We listened to and watched nesting Ospreys fly in and out of their perches. We watched the sky turn a multitude of vibrant, dancing colors. An hour later, we made it to the island where we docked the boards and prepared our very dreamy coffee and breakfast in our own little castle in the bay. 🏰✨

During these moments I thought to myself, "Could life be any more perfect?" I just don't know...

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